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Ranging from health supplements, pain relief, arthritic and menopause products to help you at all stages of life.

We are the only pharmacy in town specializing in Breast Health and Post Mastectomy needs.

We are dedicated to providing a better quality of life for women following breast surgery. Amoena products have been helping women regain a positive body image after breast cancer surgery and once again embrace life. Come in and visit Krista and Heather and let us help you choose the best products to fit your lifestyle.

Brands we carry: Trulife and Amoena.

Amoena Bras and Other Items Help Restore Your Form
If you have recently undergone a mastectomy, you are aware of the big change that has taken place in your body and its impact upon how you feel about your appearance. You don’t need to worry, as wearing Amoena bras can restore your confidence through their natural fit and form. There are many Amoena mastectomy bras from which to choose and you can select a size that matches that of your original chest and a style that makes you feel the most comfortable.

Starting with prosthesis, the right breast form can transform your figure in clothes and make you feel like your former self. Much like a natural breast, these breast forms can hide the fact that you are wearing one from even the closest physical contact.

Pocketed bras can restore your natural shape and hold your breast form securely so that you feel good about your appearance. Style and luxury combine to create smart designs that ensure comfort throughout the day.